Palatinus open all year on Margaret Island

The Palatinus Lido was previously considered a summer bath only, but in September 2017, the doors were not closed so you can enjoy the spa facilities during the cold months and not have to give up this beautiful way of rest.

The Palatinus Lido was the first bath in Budapest that allowed outdoor swimming. The bath, in operation since 1919 and constantly open since 1921, had 3 pools and access to the Danube with a wicker swimming pool. With its more than 5000m2 of water, it was the largest bath in Europe at the time. The beach was so popular that it had to be expanded in 1937. Since then, a central dressing cabin and also the popular wave pool has been built. In 2002, the big pool was divided into 3 areas, swimming, adventure and bathing. This was necessary to limit the impact on the adjacent water surfaces, as the beach is under environmental protection. The adventure pool is equipped with a water stream basin, whirlpool, jet massage, neck shower and a spectacular fountain. In 2013, the beach was renovated, and new giant waterslides were built. Courageous people can also hold competitions on these, the times are stopped.

In 2017, the new indoor pools were integrated into the refurbished main building of the spa. In addition to the thermal spa with experience elements, there is also a children’s pool, a hot water pool and a pool for cold and medicinal water. The lovers of the sauna were of course not forgotten, a steam bath, a special geothermal sauna and a Finnish sauna are waiting for you.

Outside the summer season there are, besides the indoor pools, a thermal pool and a 26-degree warm water pool outside. Here everyone can relax, whether alone or with friends and family.